"Deploy Azure Container Instances" Lab not working

During the last 2 attempts to run the “Deploy Azure Container Instances” Lab, I get an error creating the container. In both attempts the problem is a missing Resource Group. From last attempt on CloudShare4 I find this in the Activity Log: “Resource group ‘myRGVNet-2I6HZGKKSD’ could not be found.”
Trying one more time on CloudShare4 I get an error during the Create wizard, mentioning that I do not have (Microsoft.Web/ServerFarms/write, Microsoft.Web/Sites/write) permission on the resource group I can choose. Waiting 20 minutes it now shows a Resource Group from older attempt, in the wizard. But still I don’t have permission to choose it.

Hi @FDidriksen we have received your post about your issues, we are sorry to hear you are experiencing this. Please note that we are currently looking into it and will get back to you once we have a fix in place. Thank you for your patience.

Hello @FDidriksen! Thank you for raising this issue. The problem has now been resolved and tested by our team. You may now launch/complete the lab if you wish! :slight_smile: