Have not received an email notification from Credly

I’ve been finishing several learning paths, but I haven’t received an email notification from Credly?

  • Deploy an Azure Virtual Network Manager/Create a Secured Hub and Spoke Network
  • Scale an App Service Web App to Efficiently Meet Demand with App Service Scale Up and Scale Out
  • Create an Application Gateway with a Web Application Firewall using the Azure Portal
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Hi @Anoa22,

Thank you for reaching out to us.

We will update you when your credly badges have been issued.

Good afternoon @Anoa22,

You should of now received your Credly badge via email. Once you have claimed your badge you have the option to share this on your social media, if you would like to know more about where your badges are stored and how to share them you can do so here on our Digital Badges learning-zone page.

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