Profile Management

Profile management


This document aims to assist you to understand the tools and functionality within the Learning Zone to manage your profile including your subscription, interests, preferences, and private information such as your Learning Zone password and payment method.

Accessing Your Account information

Once you have logged into Learning Zone, you are able to access the Account page by clicking the user icon from the top right of the screen followed by selecting the Account option from the drop-down menu.


The Profile page allows you to edit your first and last name if required. You are able to customise your profile picture if you please. You can do this by entering the required fields and clicking the Save button.


Even though you may remember your password it could be necessary that you change it for security reasons. In the login page you can update both your password and email when required**.**

Update your email

To update your email, enter your new email in the email address field and click Save. You will be prompted to confirm the change by entering your current password and clicking Update details.


Update your password

To update your password simply fill in the “Update your email” and “Update your email” text fields. Ensure that your password meets the given requirements. Click Save. Once prompted enter your current password and click Update details.



If you would like to change the communications, you receive you can do so on this page. You have several options to customise or the ability to opt out of all communications from go deploy. In the preferences page toggle the buttons left or right to update, once you are happy select save. This will be updated immediately.

Please note you will still receive important transaction emails from go deploy concerning your account should you change any personal details including passwords or you have a payment fail or we detect fraudulent activity that we must let you know about.


If you decide that your interests have changed since registering with Learning Zone; you can change them to gain a better experience. In the Interests page, deselect any topics you feel uninterested in learning and select new topics of your choosing. Finally click the Update your interests button to save the changes.

This will allow us to recommend better activities which you may be more interested in completing.


You will be able to see a summary of all your learning under the Learning page. We have created a count for you so you can easily tell how many activities you have completed along with a comprehensive history table. From here you can find any activities you still have in progress, what you have completed and what activities you have launched and ended again without fully completing.

If you need to quickly navigate back to any of the activities found in Your learning activity, then simply select the name of the activity and you will be taken to the overview page.


By completing specific activities, you are able to earn Credly digital badges. These can be shared on your social media such as a LinkedIn. The Achievement page allows you to keep track of the badges you have earnt.


You can manage your subscription within this page. You will be able to see when your next payment date is, if you have an active subscription running and your payment history.

If you wish to ever cancel your subscription but still have access to your account, meaning you will be able to browse but not launch any activities then you can do so here by selecting the “Cancel Subscription” button. If you do so you will still have access to activities up until what would have been your next payment date. Once this date surpasses you will still be able to log in but not launch any activities.

Payment details

You can manage your payment details through this page on your account. You can easily update your card details should you need. Details of your current card are not visible on this page for security reasons, but you will be given the last 4 digits of your card number should you need to identify which card is being used.

If you need to update your card, you can do so through the form on the page, once complete select “Update Payment Details” this will run a card check, your payment will not be taken out until your next payment date which can be found on the “subscriptions” page.

Delete account

Should you wish to delete your account you can do so through the “Delete account” page. Once you have deleted your account you will not be able to undo this. You will lose access to launching activities, your learning history and you will not be able to log in to your account. We will delete all personal details we associate with your account including payment details, this means that payment will not be taken on what would have been your next payment date.