Slow Virtual Machine

If you are experiencing a slow virtual machine, please carry out the following checks before raising a case with us.

  • VPN’s and/or proxies: You may see some success whilst using a VPN’s, however, they are not recommended. Usually, a VPN will lead to a poor experience.

  • Use a hardwired connection: Hotspots, Wi-Fi, cellular, and satellite internet are higher latency and can cause packet loss which can result in a poor experience.

  • Review your security applications: Turn off any third-party anti-virus programs, pop up blockers, add blockers, Etc.

  • Review your network: Port 443 must be open for inbound/outbound traffic. Additional firewall exceptions may be needed including web sockets.

  • Try accessing from a different network/location and/or different device. If you are using a corporate device, please ensure there are no firewalls or network policies in place that may be affecting the connection also. If possible, use a personal device if available.